Library service was first established in Lancaster (Fairfield County) on April 27, 1833 when individuals purchased stock to invest in library service. William Medill (later Ohio governor) was secretary of the library.

On June 4, 1878, a free library was established in Lancaster. The Board of County Commissioners leased the old county building to the Board of Trustees of the Lancaster Association. On June 25, Miss Lavina Busby was appointed librarian.

In March 1988, FCDL instituted its first automated system, Unisys. As technology needs grew, so did the idea for collaboration to support these growing needs. In 1989, FCDL became one of the original libraries in the formation of the Central Library Consortium (CLC). CLC was created by four member libraries (Fairfield County District Library, Grandview Heights Public Library, Pickerington Public Library, and Wagnalls Memorial Library) to establish, maintain and operate a computerized library network in order to promote resource sharing among member libraries and to increase access to information for their patrons.

The Board of Trustees and the FCDL staff are committed to our mission to provide a center for lifelong choices of reading entertainment and informational materials with an emphasis on excellence in knowledge technologies, free and accessible resources, and customer service. Our partnership in the CLC enhances our mission and expands our possibilities. Please visit for more information.