Formed in 1924, Bexley Public Library was originally located in Bexley High School, and first opened to the public on March 3, 1925. Members of the original Board of Trustees were Mrs. Hugh Bone, Mr. H.C. Dieterich, Mrs. Simon Lazarus, Dr. C.V. Sheatsley, Dr. Sidney Sweet, Mr. E.P. Tice, and Mrs. C.B. Watson.

In November 1927, Bexley voters approved abond issue to yield $68,000 for building and equipping a new library, to be built at 2411 E. Main St. The architects O. C. Miller and R. R. Reeves prepared a design and a construction contract for the new building was signed in July 1928. The new library was dedicated on October 8, 1929 in a ceremony featuring library trustees Mrs. Hugh Bone, Mrs. Howard Brightman, Mr. H. C. Dieterich, Mrs. Fritz A. Lichtenberg, Dr. C. V. Sheatsley, Dr. Sidney Sweet, and Mr. E. P. Tice.

In November 1945, Bexley voters approved a $60,000 bond issue for an addition to the library. For reasons probably related to the difficulties of starting construction projects just after World War II, those funds were not immediately expended, and an additional bond issue yielding $50,000 was passed in 1948. A new addition was finally completed in 1950. That addition was entirely removed during an expansion and renovation project completed 42 years later.

Another expansion and renovation project was completed in 1968, adding much more space to the library, including the current Reference Department and auditorium.

The expansion of Bexley Public Library was completed in 1992 at a cost of 4.4 million dollars, increasing the library to 40,000 square feet. Although not a restoration project, features reminiscent of the original 1929 library were incorporated into the design.

An operating levy was passed by Bexley residents in 2009. This funding supplements the state-level funding received by the library. Proceeds from the levy allowed the library to create a new homework help center, provide free public WiFi, and enhance the library’s collection.

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