The CLC also offers the following services to member libraries.

  • Catalog Authorities Processing

    A service to notify the libraries of new authorities records that are needed or changes to authorities records already received.
  • Data Reporting System

    A method of extracting, formatting and transmission of data/reports from the ILS to a specific list of recipients or online. CLC offers several staff driven options for reporting (including SimplyReports) but also offers custom reporting and direct read-only access to the SQL database.
  • Email Security System

    A service that scans incoming email for SPAM and virus. The CLC currently uses Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection to scan all our incoming and outgoing email.
  • MARC Record Discovery Tool

    A tool that allows cataloguers to search other library’s Z39.50 databases around the world. The tool also allows the MARC record from the remote site to be saved and loaded in the local catalog.
  • Standard Interchange Protocol (SIP)

    An application-layer control (signaling) protocol for creating, modifying, and terminating sessions with one or more participants. For example, passing circulation rules, amount owed and blocks to systems such as Envisonware or Self Check. The CLC’s ILS supports unlimited SIP connections that can integrate with a variety of 3rd party services.
  • Self CheckOut System

    A multi-purpose circulation station offering patrons self service options without directly involving a single member of the library staff. The CLC currently licenses Polaris’ ExpressCheck which works on a variety of hardware platforms including those with touchscreens.
  • Telephone Notice Delivery

    A method of electronically notifying borrowers of requests and or overdues created by the ILS. The CLC currently uses Twilio’s dialout service which can deliver hundreds of notices in just a few minutes.