If you would like to ship items to the CLC using Priority Dispatch, please use the labels found at this link, and follow the instructions below.

When shipping items to the CLC destination code #800, please make sure to label each ITEM with the abbreviation code shown below. Ideally the label with the abbreviation would be applied to the front of the book.

*Note: If CML has provided you with alternative instructions for shipping items to their location, please follow those instructions.

Name Abbreviation
Alexandria Public Library ALEM
Bexley Public Library BPL
*CML Columbus Main Library C-MAN
Delaware County District Library Main Branch D-MAN
Fairfield County Main Library FCDL
Grandview Heights Public Library GHPL
Granville Public Library GRPL
London Public Library LPL
Marysville Public Library MPLM
Pataskala Public Library PATPL
Pickaway Main Library Circleville PCLM
Pickerington Public Library PPLM
Plain City Public Library MPCL
SPL Grove City SPLGC
UA Tremont Road UA-T
Wagnalls Memorial Library WAGM
WL Old Worthington WOWL