On August 6, 1909, the first board of trustees meeting was held for the Violet Township Library. The goal of the committee was to “purchase a library” since the 2,100 books were kept in two small dark alcoves in a school building. In January of 1912, the board received word that if the town and township would agree to maintain a public library and provide a site for a building that Mr. Andrew Carnegie would give ten thousand dollars to erect a free library building. On September 4, 1916, the community dedicated a new building for the Violet Township Public Library and became one of the smallest communities in the United States to have a Carnegie Library.

As the village of Pickerington grew to a city and the name of the library changed to Pickerington Public Library, dedicated employees continued to provide library service to the community. In the 1990’s it became apparent that the Carnegie building would not be able to meet the future needs of the community and a new facility at 201 Opportunity Way was built.

The PPL has come far since its beginning in two alcoves in a school building. Today it is a modern 2,280 sq. ft. building with Wi-Fi availability that offers much more than books. During a recent renovation project, a computer lab was added that offers 18 computers with Internet access and Microsoft Office products for public use. The facility also offers public meeting space, 3 small group meeting rooms and a small vending café. The library collection contains more than 140,000 print items; as well as, ebooks, videos, downloadable audio and video recordings, electronic databases and computer software. Programming for all ages is provided.

The board of trustees and staff are committed to providing library services that support library patrons in efforts “…to know, understand and enjoy the world.”

Please visit https://pickeringtonlibrary.org/ for more information.