The SIP testing tool was developed by Mike Fields, a member of the CLC Staff. This Windows application allows you to perform various queries to test the basic functionality of a 3M compliant Standard Interchange Protocol (SIP) server. The tool acts as a SIP client that shows the message information that is passed between the client and server.

On September 10th, 2013, the CLC Governing Council approved release of this tool for use by other libraries under the GPLv3 license.

–>You can download a binary/executable version of the tool from this site.<–

Please note that the tool requires the latest version of .Net to be installed (will auto install if not present). If you are running Windows 8, you may need to bypass or disable SmartScreen in order to run this application.

–>The source code for this tool can be found here.  We hope that others find it useful when troubleshooting SIP services.<–

A command line version usable for system monitoring can be found here and is used in the following fashion: sip-console hostname port AOvalue [optional username] [optional password]. If the username and password are not specified the SIP defaults of 3MLogin will be used. The application connects to the SIP server, performs a login, and finally sends a system status message. If the connection is successful and the response messages are correct, the program will exit with code 0. If the program encounters an error it exits with code -1.

There is also a version of the command line tool that is tailored specifically to the PRTG monitoring tool that can be found here. This version is configured through a config file and an example is included. It can monitor multiple SIP servers on one sensor and uses value lookups for better status reporting.