PayPal PayFlow Link does not Support SNI

Recently we moved our PowerPAC installation to a new server and disabled insecure protocols.  At the same time, we also enabled SNI on the IIS server as that is the standard installation we’ve been using across all our IIS deployments to ease setup and configuration of multiple web applications on the same server.

Server Name Indication (SNI) is nothing new, in fact it was first implemented over ten years ago.  So we were very surprised when we started getting reports from users that their redirected payments that used PayFlow Link from PayPal stopped working.  Users were being redirected the the PayPal page and were being asked to enter their credit card information, but when the clicked the Pay Now button the system would return them an error message and tell them that their transaction had been voided.

After much searching on the Internet and finally running a packet sniffer on the web server we came to the conclusion that the PayFlow Link client didn’t supporting SNI when it attempted to make a call the the postback URL that was specified in the Link configuration.  After disabling SNI on that server and moving back to “old” IP based SSL certificates, the transactions began processing properly again.  We’ve reached out to PayPal and asked them when they plan on supporting SNI.

We decided to post this in case there were others struggling with this issue as we couldn’t find any documentation on the Internet that mentioned that the postback client used in PayFlow Link does NOT support SNI.  If we hear back from PayPal that there is a configuration option, we’ll be sure to update this post.

London Public Library to Join Central Ohio Library Consortium

In December of 2013, the London Public Library Board of Trustees voted to join the Central Library Consortium.  The consortium is a partnership between 14 public library systems in Central Ohio, with London, Bexley and Upper Arlington expecting to make their debut in the CLC catalog April 9th.

Currently, London patrons have access to roughly 45,000 items at the library, as members of the consortium, they will have access to over 4 million items, which includes materials from Columbus Metro Libraries, Fairfield County District Library, Grandview Heights, Marysville, Plain City, Worthington, Pickaway County, Pickerington, Wagnalls Memorial Library, Southwest, Alexandria Public Library, Upper Arlington and Bexley Library.

“Our library catalog will be married with all of the other consortium libraries so when a patron does a search for an item, it searches all of the catalogs.  If we do not have a physical copy of something then the library that does will send a copy to us, which will arrive within two or three days,” says Bryan Howard, the library’s services manager who is overseeing the migration to the consortium.

The consortium will be delivering materials to the library five days a week, so that patrons at London and others in the system get their materials in a timely manner.

“Collaboration and material sharing has become the model of today’s libraries and we realized that we couldn’t physically grow our collections in house, but we are doing the next best thing,” says Howard.

Other notable benefits to joining the consortium will be automated phone calls to patrons who have holds on materials, as well as cost saving opportunities for the library when purchasing databases and computer hardware.   The library’s system will be down from April 4 to April 8th as it is integrated into the consortium catalog.  The go-live date for the updated CLC catalog is expected to be Wednesday, April 9th.

Meanwhile, the library will be closed from March 26 to April 13 as it goes under a major renovation of its main floor.

“There’s a lot of work ahead but when it’s all said and done, the community will have an updated library interior and access to a very large collection of materials.  It is very exciting and we look forward to April 14th – we hope the community will too!” says Mike Hensel, library director.

The library is located at 20 E. First Street in London, Ohio and online at

Bexley Public Library to Join Central Ohio Library Consortium

BEXLEY, Ohio— Bexley Public Library is pleased to announce that on April 9, 2014, it will join the Central Library Consortium (CLC). While continuing to serve the community as an independent library, Bexley Public Library will partner with 13 other central Ohio libraries to offer patrons access to more than 3.8 million items. This transition will also include an update to the catalog, an improved check-out experience, an expanded collection of downloadable books and magazines, and much more.

Detailed information about this collaboration is available in the library and on the library’s website:

Offering cooperative lending with other libraries was one of the commitments the library made during the 2013 levy campaign.  “Joining the CLC will allow us to leverage and extend our funding in order to provide access to an array of resources that we could not offer on our own,” said Library Director Rachel Rubin.  “Not only do we maintain local control over our programs, collections, and services, now we will be able to provide our patrons convenient access to an additional 3.4 million items.”   The library’s current collection stands at about 350,000 items.

Additional benefits of membership in the CLC include text message notifications, a mobile-friendly catalog for use with smartphones and tablets, and the ability to pay fines online.

The library received a $33,000 grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services and will use donated funds from the estate of Marilyn K. Limbird to cover the costs of the migration to a new catalog and related updates to the circulation area.

Bexley Public Library will join London Public Library and Upper Arlington Public Library as new additions to the consortium on April 9. Existing members are:  Alexandria Public Library, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Fairfield County District Library, Grandview Heights Public Library, Marysville Public Library, Pickaway County District Public Library, Pickerington Public Library, Plain City Public Library, Southwest Public Libraries, Upper Arlington Public Library, Wagnalls Memorial Library and the Worthington Libraries.

More information about this transition is available on the library’s website  Patrons with questions about the new catalog or the Central Library Consortium may also call the library at 614-231-8741.

Bexley Public Library has been serving the Bexley community since 1924. The Library’s mission is to enlighten, engage, and inspire a community of lifelong learners. An extensive collection, knowledgeable and friendly staff, innovative programming for kids and adults, and a welcoming space are all part of what makes our library unique. Bexley Public Library joined the Central Library Consortium (CLC) in 2014 to expand its services and offer patrons access to over 3.8 million resources. Learn more at