Finished Clearing Office Space in Lithopolis

Today the CLC Staff finished clearing out the last of our office space in Lithopolis. Many thanks to the Wagnalls Memorial staff for all they did over the past 14 years to make this a wonderfully collaborative space for us to work in! The space is now up for rent. If you’d like to make the charming community of Lithopolis, home to your business and work next to a castle (for real!) please get in touch with their realtor.

Also thanks to Dustin and his crew from eGreen Computing for helping us responsibly recycle the old equipment that we were no longer using.

Finally I want to personally thank CLC Staff members Mike & Alex for all their assistance in helping to clear out our old space in such an orderly fashion. As IT pros, they didn’t know they’d be called to do so much manual labor – thanks guys!

We look forward to welcoming you at our new office space in Gahanna. Feel free to setup an appointment to drop by and take a look.